Airstage VRF Systems


The AIRSTAGE Series adopts the best technology and was designed with the greatest care to provide not only energy savings and comfort but also ease of design, installation and maintenance.

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Split Multi AirConditions


Suitable for any residential and working area FUJITSU air conditioning equipment is distinguished by state-of-the-art energy-efficient inverter technology and improved ventilator technology which generates a strong, consistently distributed and extremely silent airflow.

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Ventilation Systems


High Efficiency and low noise levels are achieved by using a highly efficient heat exchange process. A comfortable air conditioned space is achieved by conveniently selecting whether to use heat exchange or normal ventilation setting, according to the requirements of the conditioned space.

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Waterstage ATW Systems


Environmentally friendly water heating system applying heat pump technology that collects heat from the outdoor air. Waterstage makes an Economical and Clean hot water heating system by Heat Pump. Advantages, Less CO2 Emissions, Low Running Cost, Clean and Healthy.

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