Airstage VRF

If for apartments or apartment blocks, shops, hotels or office buildings, with the flexible possibilities that the FUJITSU VRF-Airstage has to offer, every possible complex challenge that we have concerning air-conditioning in buildings can be fulfilled individually and comfortably. The variety of indoor and outdoor units which can be combined and controlled individually, the profitability and reliability and last but not least the innovative and environmentally friendly technology provide the highest efficiency and a comfortable living and working environment all year round.

Airstage J-II-SERIES

The J-II-Series is the optimal solution for light commercial business and home use. Easy to install, quiet and energy saving.
Meeting various needs with Fujitsu VRF Airstage Series

Airstage V-II-SERIES

FUJITSU V-II-Series is the innovative solution for a challenging and complex air-conditioning for buildings.
Variable Refrigerant Flow System Multi Air Conditioning System for Buildings


Cool and heat at the same time - with the highly efficient Heat-Recovery-Technology you will achieve the maximum amount of comfort!
Simultanious cooling & heating operation with Heat Recovery System

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